How to check RAM size on Solaris

If you want to check RAM size on your solaris operating system, then you can make use of below given command:

prtconf | head -3 | grep Mem

prtconf command is used to print system configuration.

Note: If you are getting following error while using this command:

prtconf: not found

then you may need to set PATH environment variable:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin


How to enable Tomcat on Solaris 10

Tomcat and Java is installed on Solaris by default.
We need not to install it. We just need to set few environment variable and then start the service for the tomcat.
Please find the steps to enable the tomcat on Solaris OS :
1. setenv CATALINA_BASE /var/apache/tomcat
2. setenv JAVA_HOME /usr/java
3. cd /var/apache/tomcat/conf
4. cp server.xml-example server.xml
5. cd /usr/apache/tomcat
6. ./bin/
Note: setenv command is available only in csh shell. So, change the shell before executing these commands.
You need to execute these commands from the console under root directory.
You need to login as root user account to execute the tomcat server.
You can verify it by running http://localhost:8080