How to configure JVisualVM with ColdFusion

Java VisualVM is a powerful tool which is used to monitor and improve the application performance. It allows users to generate and analyze heap dumps, track down memory leaks, perform and monitor garbage collection. It also provides functionality offered by jmap, jinfo, jstat and jstack. If it is required, JConsole can also be integrated with JVisualVM which I discussed in my previous blog.

JVisualVM tool is shipped as part of Java Development Kit. It is located at <JDK_Home>\bin.

We can also utilize this powerful tool with ColdFusion to troubleshoot memory leaks and performance issues.

To configure JVisualVM with ColdFusion, we need to append below mentioned JVM flags to “java.args” section in the “jvm.config” file.


In ColdFusion 10, “jvm.config” file is located at <cf_install_root>\<instance_name>\bin.

In ColdFusion 9, “jvm.config” file is located at <cf_install_root>\runtime\bin [Standalone installation] or <jrun_root>\bin [Multi-Server installation].

After appending these JVM flags, save changes and restart ColdFusion server.

Now, your ColdFusion server is configured, and now you can launch JVisualVM utility to monitor the performance and resource consumption.

JVisualVM need not to be run on the same box where ColdFusion server is installed.

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Author: Nimit Sharma

Hey I am Nimit Sharma, Working as a Lead Software Engineer. I am willing to learn new concepts and technologies. All content here are my personal views and not those of my employer.

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